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Health Authority Engagement Survey 2020

Health Authority Engagement Survey 2020




What was the goal?

The 2020 Doctors of BC Health Authority Engagement Survey measures levels of engagement between BC physicians and their respective health authority. The goal of the Survey is to help inform conversations between Doctors of BC, Health Authorities, the Ministry of Health, and BC doctors. These survey results are important as they help to inform Doctors of BC on ways to advocate for physicians at provincial, regional, and local levels.

This document offers some preliminary survey data, particularly on COVID-19 communications and a few key indicators. We are eager to provide some early information given the impact of COVID-19 on our healthcare system. A detailed report outlining data by region, community, and facility/hospital will be made available in early 2021. For the 2019 survey results, please visit

How did we seek member input?

All-member engagement

Health Standards Organization (HSO) conducted an online survey using its Physician Work Life Pulse Tool. The survey was sent by email and was open from September 14, to October 14 2020.

Who participated in the survey?

3,200 members, 28% response rate (up 2% from 2019).

What did we ask?

We have been asking the same 9 core questions from HSO’s Physician Work Life Pulse Tool for the past 4 years. These include topics such as senior leadership transparency, meaningful opportunities to provide input, and overall satisfaction with the workplace.

This year we added three new sections:

1) COVID-19: questions seeking engagement levels between physicians and their health authority.

2) Physical and psychological health and safety in the workplace: questions to better understand how physicians
feel about the
safety of their work environments.

3) Open-ended questions: providing an opportunity to hear about specific ideas and challenges.

Find out the results by viewing the full PDF from the Doctors of BC website here →