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The Ridge Meadows Hospital Medical Staff Association (MSA) represents physicians and other medical professionals with hospital privileges. The MSA board is comprised of elected members of the MSA. All MSA members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the MSA, is RMH’s Physician Engagement Society (PES). All MSA members are members of the Physician Engagement Society and adhere to the Terms of Reference below. Below are the boards for both. Their role is to oversee the the mission, vision and goals set forth by the board. Both boards meets monthly to review goals, action items, events and projects.

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Electronic documentation for medical staff into Fluency Flex is being implemented across Fraser Health (FH). The move to electronic documentation will improve the safety, quality and consistency of the patient and caregiver experience. Fluency Flex is a documentation creation application that uses Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) to translate speech to text in real time. This means that medical staff can dictate into Fluency Flex rather than type; dictating is faster for many. Medical staff documentation into Fluency Flex will be replacing the telephone dictation service provided by M*Modal. View the related PDF’s below:

PDF: Fluency Flex Front End Speech Recognition FAQ’s

PDF: FESR M*Modal Speech to Text Software

Are you a new physician to Ridge Meadows Hospital? Please contact Site Medical Director Ockert Lampen on ockert.lampen@fraserhealth.ca to access our Physician Onboarding Document.

Secure Messaging, MBMD Communication Etiquette – May 23rd 2019

The following are some key guidelines for acceptable use of Secure Messaging, Micro Blogging MD (MBMD).

1) Use MBMD as a Communication Tool for Patient, Clinical & Corporate Information Only
• MBMD is only to be used to communicate patient, clinical and corporate information.
• MBMD should not be used to send personal or other non-work related messages.

2) Use MBMD to Communicate about Fraser Health Patients/Clients Only
• MBMD should not be used to communicate about non-Fraser Health clients/patients.

3) Do Not Use MBMD for Medical Orders
• MBMD is not to be used for medical orders (e.g. placing or receiving), at this time.

4) Be Cognizant of the Recipients of Your Messages
• Be conscious of who your’e sending informationto and do not bombard recipients with messages.

5) Professional Responsibility & Relief of Duties
• Sendinga message using MBMD does not relinquish your responsibility regarding that message.
• Be sure to follow up if/as required.

6) Use MBMD as a Supplementary Communication Tool
• MBMD is a supplementary communication tool.
• MBMD is not intended to replace other communication tools you typically use to ensure appropriate patient care; nor does it replace following up with message recipients to ensure work is completed.

7) Not Part of a Patient’s Legal Record
• Information communicated through MBMD does not become a part of the patient’s legal health chart.

8) Urgent Button
• Urgent button will send a notification to the recipient(s) every minute until the message is viewed.
• Please be cognizant of this when sending messages to recipients and only use the Urgent button when an urgent, time sensitive response is required.

9) Use of Shared Mobile Devices
• Each user is required to sign in as themselves each time they use a shared corporate mobile device.
• All staff using shared corporate mobile devices must indicate when they are On-Duty or Off-Duty.

10) On-Duty or Off-Duty Status in MBMD
• The On-Duty/Off-Duty setting is strictlyto represent a users’ status within the MBMD App.
• A status of On-Duty does not meanthat user is on-call.
• When a user is listed as Off-Duty they will not be sent notifications. However, upon logging back into MBMD, the user will receive notifications for all messages received while Off-Duty.

10) Report Compromised Accounts or Lost/Stolen Devices
• Report any event where by an account or device has been compromised, misplaced, lost or stolen.
• If this occurs then only Fraser Health apps within Workspace ONE will be removed from your device.

12) Use MBMD on Fraser Health-Approved Devices Only
• MBMD is only to be used on Fraser Health-approved and secured personal BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and corporate mobile and desktop devices.

On December 16, 2019, new regulations will come into force that improve Health Canada’s ability to collect information about therapeutic products and act quickly in the interest of public safety. The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act (also known as Vanessa’s Law) makes several amendments to the Food and Drugs Act, including a new requirement for hospitals to provide Health Canada with information on serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and medical device incidents (MDIs) within 30 days of the reaction or incident first being documented within the hospital.

For more information, please read the PDF’s and visit the links below:

PDF: Key Messages for Senior Leadership
PDF: Vanessa’s Law – Mandatory reporting of ADRs and MDIs

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