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RMH Construction Update

RMH Construction Update

What is happening?

Construction to make space available for the new MRI suite is in full swing. The MRI Suite will be located in the space currently occupied by Outpatient Rehab in the basement. Outpatient Rehab is expected to move into the newly constructed space on 1 North early this fall.


What is happening through the remainder of Summer and Fall?

• Construction of the currently vacant part of 1-North
• Creation of a pit outside the acute building (the end closest to Gardenview) which will provide an access route to bring the MRI magnet into the basement
• Construction Activity in the area between the Acute Building, Gardenview and Alouette for preparation and installation of chillers and air-handling units


How will this affect you?

• Expect typical construction noise and construction hoarding in hospital areas undergoing construction
• Heavy construction equipment will be working in the front of the building, (particularly at the end nearer Gardenview). Expect noise and disruption in this area.
• Contractors will have traffic-control personnel in place to manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic
• The grassy area between the hospital, Gardenview, and Alouette will be CLOSED to staff and public
• There will be heavy construction vehicles using the roadway in front of the hospital
• There is a landscape mitigation plan in place after construction which include relocating the memorial garden plaque