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About the RMH Physician Engagement Society

The aim of the Ridge Meadows Hospital (RMH) Physician Engagement Society (PES) is to improve relationships and engagement between Fraser Health authority and physicians and medical staff working at Ridge Meadows Hospital. In addition, the PES supports many of the MSA’s engagement initiatives and projects. The PES provides an opportunity to strengthen physician voices in decisions that directly affect their workplace and patient care. Our MSA formed the Physician Engagement Society to oversee this initiative by setting priorities, along with managing and dispensing these funds. The society also provides quarterly updates to Doctors of BC on each of these initiatives.

Additional PES Resources

Engaging Physicians to Improve BC Health Care

For the past two decades, BC’s health authorities and physicians have been challenged to collaborate effectively. Physicians have felt left out of critical decisions, not knowing who to talk to about system and quality concerns. Health authorities have not had a structured way to involve doctors in discussions and planning. But with Facility Engagement, the tide is turning.

Below is the 2020 report on the Facility Engagement initiative update.

PDF: Facility Engagement Initiative Update 2020

SEAT Project Update Form

We require a brief update on your Ridge Meadows Hospital Physician Engagement Society funded project. We are mandated to submit quarterly updates to Doctors of BC and your feedback is appreciated. Please fill out the form by downloading the PDF below and return to stacymulcahy@me.com via email or place in the MSA mail slot in the Physician’s Lounge. Once returned, physicians will be paid for .5 hours of sessional time through FEMS.

PDF: SEAT Project Update Form

PES 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan

RMHPES plans to fund and undertake the following priority activities over the 2019/20 and 2020/21 fiscal years. Download the PDF plan below>

PDF: RMHPES Strategic Plan

Engagement Initiative: Letter of Intent

If you would like to submit a Letter of Intent for an Engagement Initiative to the Physician Engagement Society, please visit the Submit a Project page and fill out the form in 500 words or less.

Fraser Health Vest Order

The Physician Engagement Society is putting in an order for interested physicians and NPs for custom vests with the Fraser Health logo. View the sizing chart below, then order your vest by visiting this website here.
Click on the images below to expand.

Vest Sizing Chart