Ridge Meadows Hospital

About the MSA

Who We Are

Working together to strengthen physicians voices of Ridge Meadows Hospital

The Ridge Meadows Hospital Medical Staff Association (MSA) represents physicians and other medical professionals with hospital privileges. The MSA board is comprised of elected members of the MSA. All MSA members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the MSA, is RMH’s Physician Engagement Society (PES). All MSA members are members of the Physician Engagement Society and adhere to the Terms of Reference below. Below are the boards for both. Their role is to oversee the the mission, vision and goals set forth by the board. Both boards meets monthly to review goals, action items, events and projects.

Best Medical Staff. Best Partnerships. Best Care.

Mission: To inspire and empower the medical staff and to collaborate with Health Authority leadership at Ridge Meadows Hospital through:

Engaging and supporting the medical staff to ensure their views are effectively represented;
Understanding, providing input and partnering with the Health Authority to support plans and initiatives that affect the medical staff and patient care;
Prioritizing issues significantly effecting the medical staff;
Providing opportunities to enable professionalism as per CANMED guidelines; and
Assisting our members to understand and participate in Quality Improvement.

Vision: Ridge Meadows Hospital Physician Engagement Society adheres to the Fraser Health Authority values of respect, caring and trust but also aims to understand, engage, advocate, serve and collaborate with members, partners and patients.

View and download the Fraser Health Authority Medical Staff Association Bylaws by clicking here.

Engage Physicians

Meet with engagement group to discuss issues which affect their workplace and ideas to improve patient care.

Propose Initiatives

Propose ideas and solutions to improve physician work environment and bring these to the health authorities.

Deliver Results

Real results, further strengthening the relationship and engagement between health authorities and physicians.