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Submit a Project to the PES

The Physician Engagement Society is always looking for innovative projects that will improve the physician workplace and patient care. Applications are now being accepted and funding is available through the RMH PES and the Facilities Engagement initiative to support projects that fit within the following:

  1. To improve communication and relationships among the medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented.
  2. To prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care.
  3. To support medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authorityplans and initiatives that directly affect physicians.
  4. To have meaningful interactions between the medical staff and health authority leaders,including physicians in formal HA medical leadership roles.

What types of projects typically get approved?

Typically approved projects aim to strengthen relationships, engagement, and communication between RMH physicians and the Fraser Health Authority, with the goal of improving the work environment and delivery of health care. The Ridge Meadows Hospital Physician Engagement Society oversees these projects and provides quarterly updates to Doctors of BC on each of these initiatives. If you have any questions, or wish to know about specific projects that we have had approved, please contact us.

How do I submit a project?

Our priority areas for the Engagement Fund are:
  1. Strengthen relationships through collaboration and communication among facility-based medical staff.
  2. Develop engagement between the health authority and physicians.
  3. Enhance the medical staff’s experience of the workplace.
  4. Improve patient care.
Do you have an idea that addresses one of those four priority areas? Your project can address an unmet need, evaluate a service, address a problem for a particular population or health issue, or improve patient care (e.g. through a system, space, etc.).
  1. Letter of intent, 500 words or less, identify which of the four priorities (and how), provide description of project, basic budget, intended goals.
  2. Projects over $5000 will require a full application
  3. Mentoring available

Fill out the Engagement Initiative: Letter of Intent form below and will review and get back to you.