Ridge Meadows Hospital

MSA Dues

Join the RMH Medical Staff Association!

In addition to the professional benefits afforded to you by Fraser Health, there are many perks to becoming a member of the Ridge Meadows Hospital Medical Staff.
  • Active and Provisional staff – $100
  • Midwives and NP’s – $50
  • Associate and Consulting   staff, Palliative Care, Surgical Assists, Dentists – $50
  • Medical Staff over 65 years – $0

In the last fiscal year your dues have paid for:

  • New Mattresses for the RMH Emergency Department sleep room
  • Coffee and Snacks for the Physician Engagement Centre
  • Annual Gym Membership for all MSA members, view RMH gym information here →

At this time we would prefer payment via e-transfer. Please visit your online banking website, select the option to send funds electronically.

Account name: Ridge Meadows Hospital Medical Staff

Email: RMHpes@gmail.com

If you do not have access to etransfer please make a cheque payable to “RMH Medical Staff”, forward it to the MSA mailbox c/o Briony Geldeard. For more information on what you may owe for past years, please email: RMHPES@gmail.com

As a Physician you get to choose what kind of privileges you have at RMH. If you feel that you are visiting RMH less often, perhaps you should consider changing your Privileges with Fraser Health Credentialing. Email: credentialsoffice@fraserhealth.ca

In order to access these benefits, and remain on the RMH Medical Staff you must pay your annual dues:

The following is taken from the Fraser Health MSA rules, in section 8.6:

“Each Member of the Active and Provisional Staff shall pay an annual membership fee at the Primary Site of the Member, as determined by a simple majority of Members in attendance at the annual meeting on recommendation of the elected officers of the Medical Staff Association. This annual fee is due and payable each Year and is a requirement in order to remain on the Medical Staff.”

This annual fee is due and payable each Year and is a requirement to remain on the Medical Staff.