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Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) Project

Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) Project

To: Fraser Health Medical Staff (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Residents and Students)
From: Dr. Roy Morton, Vice President Medicine

I’m pleased to advise that Fraser Health has launched a project to deploy Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) to our medical staff and I am the Executive Sponsor of this new initiative.

FESR is software that translates speech into text. Dictation is done using a hand-held microphone at a computer where FESR is installed. As you dictate, speech is converted into text making the report available for your immediate review, editing, and sign off.

FESR is also being deployed across PHC, PHSA and VCH as part of a separate project.

Why are we Deploying FESR?

The primary goal is to improve patient care. Hundreds of medical staff across the Lower Mainland are currently using FESR including some FHA physicians who were part of a previous pilot project. They have noted the following benefits:

  • Improved timeliness of care – reports are distributed to care providers (including community) immediately; turnaround time is reduced to a few minutes.
  • Reduced documentation time – can copy/paste from historical documents instead of re-dictating and frequently dictated “blocks of text” can be triggered with simple voice commands.
  • Ability to prepare and partially dictate consult or other notes the day before, save and complete them after seeing the patient.
  • BONUS: The FESR software is available at no charge for use in your private practice EMR.

    Who is impacted?

    FESR is being deployed to dictating authors who currently dictate into the M*Modal dictation system including nurse practitioners, residents and medical students. The training and adoption target is 100%.

Not impacted/not in scope are the following (they will continue with current methods):\

  • Medical Imaging (already using FESR),
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (already using FESR);
  • Allied Health and nursing staff (except for the few who are existing users of the M*Modal dictation/transcription service); and,

FH Mental Health & Substance Use (MHSU) whose dictating authors currently dictate into the M*Modal audio dictation system. Their reports are transcribed by MHSU department staff into PARIS. There is a separate project underway to onboard MHSU to LM HIM Transcription Services and deploy FESR.

When is FESR Coming?

The project team is currently preparing for FESR training that will commence in October 2019. Training will be delivered on a site by site basis over a 16 month period. The schedule is currently being developed so stay tuned for further information.

How will Training be Delivered?

Medical Staff will be trained on FESR in one-on-one and/ or classroom training sessions lasting 1-2 hours. Physicians completing FESR training are eligible for 2 CME credits. Refresher training sessions will be available as needed and the project team is available to answer questions and provide support.

Medical Staff Engagement

We are committed to engaging medical staff and have so far done the following with more to come:

  • Captured user feedback and lessons learned from our FHA pilot project and the current FESR deployment across PHC, PHSA and VCH.
  • Included strong FHA physician representation on the FESR Project Steering Committee (see below).
  • Will be creating a FHA FESR Advisory Committee comprising medical staff to ensure FHA needs are met.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or one of the project representatives below.

FESR Project Steering Committee

Dr. Roy Morton: Project Executive Sponsor, Vice President Medicine 
Dr. Dayan Muthayan: Project Sponsor, Executive Medical Director
Shelley Browne: Project Sponsor, Executive Director, Lower Mainland Health Information Management
Corey Tillyer: Executive Director, Health Informatics and Clinical Solutions

FHA FESR Project

Naomi Brooks, Regional Director, LM HIM Transcription Services & Health Information Exchange Tel: 604-682-2344, ext 64850
Jay Van Brunt, Project Director Tel: 604-499-6015
Nahida Ladha, Project Manager Tel: 604-561-4486